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thanks so much NUttyazn! Probably I would be coming Taiwan for about 10 days, planning to go Taipei, Taoyuan, Taizhong, Hualian and some nearby areas in the upper half of Taiwan.

Any suggestions to what places that we should not miss in Taiwan?
And we are interested to go clubbing in Taipei. Any suggestion? Thank you so much!

Just checked on the Fortnight Ticket : Fare is NTD1706 per person. You have to travel in One direction - 7 stops of your choice , no restrictions on trains.

No doubling back, you can start From Taipei to West and come around back via the East or vice versa. Taipei Kaohsiung return is about NTD1600+ Taipei Hualien return is about NTD800+ So this is really worth it if you are going round the island and have the time to do it.
So you could Do something like :
Taipei-Taichung-Chiayi-Kaohsiung-Pintung-Taitung-Hualien -Taipei
(Side trip in Taichung , you can go to Sun Moon Lake) (Side trip in Chiayi you can go to Alishan

I never knew that they had this type of Ticket, found out about it by accident.I always find information by Accident!!!
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