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Hi all the Taiwan Experts here,

I'm going Taipei with my hubby thru Jetstar this August (7D6N). I know its too early to plan anything now but just wana to go thru this thread slowly 1st and take my own sweet time in planning. The places I intend to cover will be as follow....
1) Hualien (preferably 2D1N trip)
2) Those popular Memorial Halls & Museums, Taipei 101
3) KeeLung, Jiufen, Ruifang
4) Beitou, Danshui, Yu Ren Ma Tou
5) I shopping Day at XiMenTing/ShiLin Night Market
6) Last min shopping at anywhere
DO I miss anything???

I want to plan Yu Ren Ma Tou on Sunday becos Monday is my hubby's birthday. So I intend to have a romantic BIRTHDAY countdown celebration with him there...hehehe..Any suggestion of what I can do and plan at that place? Romantic dinner.....etc???
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