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Post Alternative ear tips for In-Ears earphone

Alternative ear tips for In-Ears earphone.
Here are several alternative ear tips that you might want to try on your in-ears. They work on earphones like EX71, HJE50, E630, EP630, SHE9500 and CK7 etc. For this write up, I tested them using the CK7 and LMX-E630.

UE biflange mounted on CK7, E630 and HJE50

UE Super.Fi Biflange:
Works best on the CK7. The biflange’s stem is a little larger than the sound nozzle of these in-ears, therefore, a little mod is required to hold them in place tightly to improve isolation and bass response. Compared to the stock tips, the midrange can be little recessed, its treble trimmed down a bit and bass enhanced. Isolation was quite an improvement. These tips are soft, so comfort levels are quite high. These biflange can work on all in-ears but to me, they sound best on the CK7.

E2 soft flex mounted on CK7 and E630. UE biflange on the CK7

Shure E2 soft flex:
The E2 soft flex’s stem is smaller than the sound nozzle of these in-ears, therefore, a little more force is required to mount them. On the CK7, bass is enhanced because of the increased isolation. On the down side, its midrange can be a little congested. Might be due to the smaller hole of the tip. As for the treble, its crazy highs were toned down to a much pleasant level. Bad news for some but good news to me. They make not much of a difference on the E630 except for more isolation. They’re also not as comfortable as the supplied ear tips.

But, the soft flex’s stem can be shortened. It might bring out the midrange and treble more. Maybe even enhance the bass. I didn’t try because I have only 1 pair.

E2 soft flex on the left and E2 foams on the right of CK7 & E630

Shure E2 foams:
Most versatile tip among these 3 choices, good SQ, improved isolation and comfort. But at a costly price of it being perishable and a little more troublesome to wear them. They sound a bit like the soft flex tip on the CK7, maybe a little more treble and forward midrange but make not much of a difference on the E630 except for more isolation and comfort. I like these the most.

Ear tips’ isolation and sound quality is highly dependent on you achieving a seal and fit. For me, all 3 types improve isolation and bass response. Comfort/fit and sound quality varies between these 3 and the E2 foams works best for me, followed by UE’s biflange and Shure soft flex tip. So, if you are not satisfied with your supplied ear tips and will like to try others instead of the expensive Sony EX71’s, these 3 are worth considering.

It is also worth to note that the E2 foams do not last forever. They need to be replaced once it lost its expandability. All 3 can be modified to suit you and might improve its fit and sound quality but I’ve not try any mod yet so I can write this.
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