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Increase In Ear Earphone Nozzle Diameter

Well, this post is for those who are interested to use UE Super.Fi Biflange tips on their earphones like EX71, HJE50, E630, SHE9500 and CK7 etc as stated by afbug1 over here

Do Take Note There Is No Need To Mod For Creative EP630 and EP635 as their nozzle (or tube in lame man term) diameter is larger then the rest mention above. Not Sure For CX300

As the diameter of the nozzle hole of the UE Super.Fi Biflange tips is larger then nozzle of the above mention earphone, a little mod is require to make the UE Super.Fi Biflange tips hold in place.

1st, items needed
1 sissors, 1 hairdryer 1 heat shrinking tube (below)

it can b found in Sim Lim Tower (ard SLS) for only a few cents. Make sure it big nuff for your earphone nozzle to go thur

2nd, steps to do it
cut the tube to the length of the nozzle. after you are done, juz place the cut out piece over the nozzle for the earphone and use a hairdryer to blow over tube. the tube will shrink and after it shrink, it will stick tight to the nozzle forming the nozzle shape (below)

u r done. Fit ur UE Super.Fi Biflange tips to ur mod earphone. This is how it look wif my Cresyn E630

Of cause this is not the only method to make the BiFlange tip stick to ur earphone u can also try afbug1 method, use a rubber ring to hold them tight

click here for pics on how cresyn LMX-E630 should look like when wore

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