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Arrow Introduction to the world of headphones: PX100

Sporta Pro + KSC75 ear clips and KSC75 + Sporta Pro headband
The Koss Sporta Pro and KSC75 are great headphones to start with. Theyíre also cheap and value for money. But for some people, they might find the KSC75 a little bass light. This is due to the ear clips have less clamping power. Some might also find the Sporta Pro a little too muddy and bass heavy, again itís due to the clamping power of the headband. If you own both, you can try switching their headband and ear clips.

Sporta Pro + KSC75 ear clips will tighten its bass and adding more treble.

KSC75 + Sporta Pro headband will increase its bass and adding more impact.


Sennheiser PX100
MSRP: SGD$79 for black, $99 for white.
Package includes: PX100 and a hard case with cable management.

This is a class product compared to the Koss. Sennheiser clearly put some thought into designing these and its hard case is cleverly designed too; hard, with protection and cable management but a little bulky. The headband is foldable for easy storage. Two pleather cushions on the slim and light headband provide some comfort.

My pair is the older version that features copper voice coils. The newer ones have aluminum voice coils. It will sound brighter than the copper ones. The drivers are about the same size as the 2 Koss headphones. They swivels using a ball and cup design on the headband. This makes it able to fit easily.

The drivers are attached to a thin 1.5m long cord connected to a nickel plated straight shaped mini plug. The cord has a rubber slider to adjust the length of the ĎYí split.

Sound Quality:
The copper voice coils drivers are darker sounding, a little bassy, recessed midrange and treble. But that does not make it a bad sounding headphone. Its bass, midrange and treble are probably as recessed as each other. Make sense? Because of its strong bass, it will sound a little forward than the midrange and treble. The soundstage is quite wide too. Resolution, details and clarity are about a notch better than the 2 Koss headphones.

Listening to a PX100 makes you feel like youíre in a large room. Both Koss will put you in a smaller room. Another way of describing its soundstage is the PX100 will be further away from the stage while both Koss will be closer to the stage.

Built Quality:
It certainly looks better than Kossí offering. The headband and driver cups are quite robust and looks like it can withstand some abuse. But the foam covers and thin cables are the weak link I guess. Store them in its hard case, they probably can go anywhere with you.

I donít know why, but I cannot seem to get to grips with its headband. I just donít like the fit. It is only me that complain no one else does! The Sennheiser clamp is strong! If not for the headband, I think this will be my favorite one instead of KSC75.

If you like something nicer and classier with better sound than the Koss ones, this is it. Plus, it is cheaper than a Koss Porta Pro.

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