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i havent read the review and am afraid to read it... becoz im not financially ready for a new headphone yet .... lol
Dun worry. The cheapest pair only cost $50 and i got uses words like 'nothing spectacular'.

*whips out glue* STUCK!
Thank you once again.

Another great thread by afbug1.
There was the in-ears for outdoor, now there is this headphones more for in house.

Bro, u know of any wireless one? Those big chunky bulky ones nvm, wireless can liaoz. Coz i am more of a night pax, watching rock concert dvds or watching films and blasting them while jumping ard the room or simply lying on the bed.
Thanks. For Senn RS series, i not sure man. Not many own them i guess. They're much more expensive and for that price you pay, you can get a better pair of wired headphones. All full size Senns comes with 3m cable. For a all rounder headphone, eg movies, music and games, try Senn HD555.

Remember, wireless ones still must charge. Like cordless telephone. And might have some interference.
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