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thats why i ask u to list a price range. else ppl will not know. one item may seem budget but to another maybe a bomb.
Seriously i have no idea how to list a price range. Can you give me an example? Different manufacturer charges different prices and range for their products. $50 for a headphone is one of the cheapest around, if its still out of their budget, then have to settle for crappy brands or earphones.

$100 = budget?
$200 = lower mid end?
$400 = mid end?
$600 = higher mid end?
$800 = high end?

Closed headphones offer some isolation. Good for noisier places. But might sound congested or boxy. Open headphones have totally no isolation. Sounds airier.

If you dun need isolation, it is generally better to go for open headphones. PX100 will be the better buy. Closed cans are also warmer/hotter. Ears will sweat more.
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