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You noob, i also noob. There are many who have more experience than me.

No, i have not heard Larry's beyer. Dun have such luxury and luck. I dun think there is even a pair on SG, if have, very rare. Larry's mod normally increase soundstage and bass. So these are what you should expect. As for cost, ooooo it will be at least USD$200. Its expensive but you are paying for excellent craftsmanship (From what i see in pics), materials and to some, its art. But remember, if you do want it, you're taking a calcualted risk. You might not like the new sound.

I like his stuff, esp his headphone stands but costly. You can contact him for more details, esp sound impression.
damn i really like larry works, but witout hearing it personally. its hard whelter it worth the dough.

i am trying to get beyer headphones. not sure which is a better choice - consumer or their professional series. think reviews state DT880 is the best compare to their flagship model Dt990.

no mentioned abt DT150 or 250
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