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I shall get those GS-1ks

Btw, the UE xXx bothers me because I'am afraid that they may need some adjusting and remolding stuff after some years as the shape of your ears change or whatever. Moreover, some argue its mediocre lifespan.... But they sure look uber cool...The E500 looks like some metallic marble to me...Btw, the GS-1ks are butt ugly...
UE xXx is likely to be the same design as their SF line. How they're going to cram in 3 drivers, i dun know. It will be universal fit, no remolding i guess.

Personally, i find the GS1K not bad looking. Cutesy big tyre pads on them. But if you fit a smaller pad, i think it will look ugly. There are some pics of flats on them at headfi.
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