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dis is my biggest size tube liao... coz i'm afraid tt if the size is bigger, it cant shirnk to the cable diameter... iM716 filter izzint it the same as Ety? abt SF5pro, there is no place in SG i can test leh... sad...
icic. When shrunk, it fits the EP630 and MX550 cable nicely. But for thicker cords, i think a larger one will be easier to fit in.

Filters are not interchangable between earphones i think. You will not want to risk it and discover that you cannot find filters for it. So i think the ER6i will be a better choice. Its much smaller too. Can disappear into your ear. The black version is quite nice and you can add your head shrink to it too. I actually want to do it months ago but cannot find and forgot the size and lazy to find also. I got no experience with head shrink so dunno what to buy. I did post at sgheadphones for help but got no reply.
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