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icic. When shrunk, it fits the EP630 and MX550 cable nicely. But for thicker cords, i think a larger one will be easier to fit in.

Filters are not interchangable between earphones i think. You will not want to risk it and discover that you cannot find filters for it. So i think the ER6i will be a better choice. Its much smaller too. Can disappear into your ear. The black version is quite nice and you can add your head shrink to it too. I actually want to do it months ago but cannot find and forgot the size and lazy to find also. I got no experience with head shrink so dunno what to buy. I did post at sgheadphones for help but got no reply.
i c.. but i tot E6i balck is L shape jack? if so i dunno how to slot it in leh... i dun lyk Ety is due to it wear infront design instead of behind the ear... abt iM716 coz it built by Ety so i tot of it filter is the same... nvm... ans can alwasy b found in headfi.. haha... btw i find tt if u r changing the tips of E6i, the filter cums of easily...
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