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Will be going to HK next week. I've book my tixs with United Airlines @$399 per pax. Going for a short 4D3N trip. Have not decide on which hotel or hostel to book. Any recommendations of good hostel that are safe and clean? Is hostel a place safe for 2 gals travelling...??

We intend to spend a day in Macau. My first time to Macau. How to get to Macau? I noe is by ferry but where to buy the tickets and where is the ferry terminal? How to get there from Mongkok? Intend to stay near Mongkok or Tsim Sha Tsui Area. What can I do at Macau? Do I approach the Tour operator there or do my own sight seeing? Is the taxi there expensive? Is Macau a place worth going?

We havent decided on whether to go Disneyland also. anyone been there already? Can share if it's worth to go?

Any other places worth going? As this is a short trip, only intend to go for 2 or 3 sightseeing places and spend the rest of the time for Shopping & Eating..

Hope can get some replies here....
my galfren and i going end jun. have booked a room at the infamous chungking. a little apprehensive at first 'cos 2 gals mah but arghh..what the heck! also planning to visit macau, lantau and if got time..disney as well but even with my 5D4N..i'm not sure if i can accomplish so much???!!

too bad you aren't going the same period as us...otherwise can get together? 4 gals at least might scare away the thugs
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