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Yes, I read thru the forum before setting up the itinerary. It's been very fruitful!
Do you know what time does 光華商場 open and is there any particular shop e.g. challenger I shld go to?

Jiajun & Nuttyazn,
How long is the bus journey to Ye Liu? Any other places I shld cover in that area?
From Jiufen, how do I travel back to Taipei? Can I take the train service?
let me try to answer your queries....

1) Dunno what time 光華商場 opens but my guess is the usual 11 am. BTW 光華商場 is located to a temporary site near the original site. Maybe Nuttyazn can provide more info on this.

2) The journey to Ye liu is about 50 min by bus from Taipei Main bus station. The only place worth visiting is the scenic area with all the natural rock formation. There is also a water world which I think you can skip. After Jiufen, my suggestion is to take a bus to Keelung. You can go visit Miao Kou Night Market in Keelung. From Keelung you can either take a bus or train back to Taipei.
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