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HI all,

Some comments on the Day trip up North.

Important Note: The GouGuang Bus North Station is now known as Taipei Intercity Bus Terminus.

I found it is not convenient to do Shifen on the same day if you really want to enjoy yourself.
I did the route as I recommend to all of you and found that doing just Yeliou,Jinguashi, Jioufen and Keelung is nice and not too tiring.

The Buses are all new and Clean with good Airconditioning. The Drivers call out all the Major stops. There are toilets everywhere including one in Yeliou across from the New Temple being built when walking towards the Yeliou Scenic Area (No Soap or TP here). Yeliou Entry cost : NTD50 and NTD25 (Adult/Kids)
The Bus to Keelung is in front of the Convenience store across from where you get off at Yeliou. In Keelung you have to cross the bridge to the other side to board bus to Jinguashi if coming from Yeliou:

Since My Sis loves Scenery we spent a lot of time in each place, and we saw Tour buses come and go quickly.
Jinguashi also needs a lot of walking especially if you hit the trails.Lovely scenes and very rustic,
Entry NTD100/- (Cheaper for kids -Was not paying attention)

Forumers tip on getting off at 7/11 and walking down the steps is great too in Jioufen (No energy to walk up-did I mention something
about getting old!!)However, do this last before your return trip otherwise, once down, following the road out is residential area
and leads to a large temple. There is a bus stop outside for buses that heads to Rueifang ,Keelung or Taipei.Lots of food here.
Good to eat here first then walk it off before heading to Keelung Miaokow where you will also find lots of lovely local food as well.

In Keelung,getting to Miaokow: Getting off the bus, walk back passed the Sea (Keelung River??)all the way to the otherside to the Macdonalds. Passing the shops in that street, Miaokow is on your left at the First Junction.Not difficult to find.
From Keelung Station you just cross the Street and walk along the Sea .......
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