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paiseh, i try to answers all the questions posted. Please correct me if anything is wrong

When u have collected your luggages and exit from the gate, the tourist service center is on your right. the handphone rental shops are nearby. There's a small sign on one of the counters advertising the FREE prepaid card.
it looks like this, with the manual book:

To get to DTF: Get off from Zhongxiao XinSheng Station, ask the control station staff for the correct exit. Out from the exit, walk straight and you will see a convenience store- ask the staff again and walk for ard 15mins down the road, you will reach there.

It's not impossible, however, as mentioned by Nuttyazn in his latest post, he realised that it is not too convenient to do so. Read again
I left Taipei for Yeliu at around 10am and ended up I have to skip Shifen 'cuz time was not enough.

Very important thing to take note when planning: Time spent travelling is also a factor.

Regarding YMS,
when you take bus to YMS bus terminal, there's a shuttle bus down there to take you around the place - a total of 13 spots in YMS.

Single trip (i.e. stop to stop) can be paid by Easycard or you may buy a ticket that entitled you unlimited ride on that shuttle bus for NT$60/pax.
thanks for the info on YeLiu -> Shi Fen -> Jiu Fen -> Jin Gua Shi -> KeeLung.

So in that case, would it be better for me to do YeLiu -> Shi Fen -> KeeLung on one day, and Jiu Fen -> Jin Gua Shi on another day?

OR would you suggest YeLiu -> Jiu Fen -> Jin Gua Shi -> KeeLung on one day, and Shi Fen on another day?

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