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Hello!!! guy, me a newbie in this forum will be also going to Taipei 5D4N first long oversea travel and going alone( abet scare) in coming sept 06 . Below I have a few questions need to ask the expert, hope that you all can assist me a few.

1. I will be staying in the Good Ground Hotel for the above day, any comment about this hotel. E.g.: Location, room, and other?

2. From the CKS airport, is there what transport should I take? e.g.: bus, train, or taxi that can reach the hotel/place?

3. As I will be travel with jetstarasia, as you know by the time when I reach the airport + travel to the hotel it will be quite late. So my main concern is should I inform the hotel that I will be check-in late or by default will they hold for me? And I have paid all the hotel cost already. By the way I book the hotel through jetstarasia website under octopustravel-asia.
Dont worry,just let them know what time is your flight.they will know what to do

4. I will be confuse as if I read through all the 280+ page in this forum, so I request that if your itinerary match with my travel day(5D4N) and same hotel or same travel day + different hotel but still in xinmentin. So is there possible that you share your detail itinerary with me? And sorry for the trouble cause.

5. What are the safety concern should I look for, since I travel along without experience ?

Well.... that all for the time being, and in future I may have other question ask to check with you all, once again thank you so much for reading my silly post and have a nice day
see my ans under each question
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