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There are Many trains
Tze Chiang 1062 -- Hualien To Taipei Dep 06:35 Arrv09:40 445 3h 5m
Chu Kuang 54 -- Hualien To Taipei Dep07:20 Arrv11:21 NTD343 4h 1m
Tze Chiang 1064 -- Hualien To Taipei Dep08:12 Arrv10:56 NTD445 2h 44m
Tze Chiang 1052 -- Hualien To Taipei Dep09:00 Arrv11:50 NTD445 2h 50m
Chu Kuang 56 -- Hualien To Taipei Dep10:10 Arrv13:50 NTD343 3h 40m
Chu Kuang 48 -- Hualien To Taipei Dep11:15 Arrv14:05 NTD343 2h 50m
Chu Kuang 58 -- Hualien To Taipei Dep11:36 Arrv15:21 NTD343 3h 45m
Tze Chiang 1054 -- Hualien To Taipei Dep12:00 Arrv14:46 NTD445 2h 46m

you know something natty??

my gf told me she had "checked" and there's only one train which i found funny.but din was at work so din wanna argue with her so she went ahead and change the return air ticket date to a day later!!then she told me err actually there's many other trains

to be honest i dunno if she did it on purpose,women...when it comes to shopping,they can be real heartless and ruthless
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