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1. I will be staying in the Good Ground Hotel for the above day, any comment about this hotel. E.g.: Location, room, and other?

Sorry can't help 'cuz I never try here before

2. From the CKS airport, is there what transport should I take? e.g.: bus, train, or taxi that can reach the hotel/place?

once you exit from the gate after taking your luggage, on your left will be those bus company eg. kuo Kuang, Freego, Evergreen that will take you to various part of Taipei. Check out where is your Hotel near to.

3. As I will be travel with jetstarasia, as you know by the time when I reach the airport + travel to the hotel it will be quite late. So my main concern is should I inform the hotel that I will be check-in late or by default will they hold for me? And I have paid all the hotel cost already. By the way I book the hotel through jetstarasia website under octopustravel-asia.

Call to confirm again.

4. I will be confuse as if I read through all the 280+ page in this forum, so I request that if your itinerary match with my travel day(5D4N) and same hotel or same travel day + different hotel but still in xinmentin. So is there possible that you share your detail itinerary with me? And sorry for the trouble cause.

I would really SUGGEST THAT YOU DO READ UP MOST OF THE PAGES; really useful for you in going to place to place. Use the search function to look for 5D4N itenerary in here.

I can provide one which I copied from this thread:

13 July – Wednesday
1.15pm – Arrives Taipei!!!
2.30pm – Check-in Hotel
3.00pm – Taipei Metro Station + Xin Guang San Yue + Guang Hua + Sung Chiang (will take MRT from Taipei Metro to Zhongxiaoxinsheng)
7.30pm – Dinner with friend at Zhongxiao Dunhua

14 July – Thursday
Wake up by 8.00am
9.30am – Arrive at Beitou
Hot Spring (about 2 hours)
Hot Spring Museum (about ½ an hour)
Walk around Beitou
12.30pm – Depart for Tienmu + Lunch
3.00pm – Take MRT to Danshui
Shopping, walking around, look at Scenary – Lao Jie
Go to Yu Ren Ma Tuo (take bus Red 26)
7.00pm – Watch Lover’s Bridge light up
7.30pm – Depart for Shilin Night Market + Dinner

15 July – Friday
Wake up by 8.45am – Buy unlimited MRT pass
9.00am – Breakfast at Guting (Ding Tai Feng)
10.00am – CKS Memorial Hall – Take Photo
10.45am – Lungshan Temple – Optional
11.15am – Ximending + lunch
3.00pm – Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall – Take Photo
3.20pm – Taipei 101 + New York New York + Warner + Wufenpu + Raohe
7.30pm – Huaxi Jie (look at snakes) – Optional
8.00pm – Shilin Night Market, OR
7.30pm – Ximending until about 10pm then head to Shilin Night Market
8.00pm – Shilin Night Market

16 July – Saturday
Wake up by 7.00am
7.30am – Take MRT to Hsin Dian, take bus from Hsin Dian to Wulai, OR Take bus
from Taipei Railway Station
9.00am – Arrives Wulai for sightseeing
Cable Car + Yunxian Park
12.30pm – Depart Wulai to Taipei
2.00pm – Arrive Taipei Metro + Lunch
3.30pm – Head to Keelung
10.00pm – Return to Taipei (Bus Ticket approximately NTDD45)

17 July – Sunday
9.00am – Breakfast at Taipei Metro + last minute shopping!!!
11.45am – Depart for airport
2.20pm – Flight back to Singapore

5. What are the safety concern should I look for, since I travel along without experience ?

Erhm..Security wise, is comparable to that in Singapore. Whenever you are not too sure of directions, just ask the taiwanese. Out of topic, Bring UMBRELLA for sunny/rainy days

Thank alot man !!!!!!!!!!
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