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hi after reading over 100 ++ pages i still have some doubts to clear

i'm going with my gf and we r around mid twenties so we looking to go places which can shop and eat and play... there r a lot of info already but just need a little help to clear some of my doubts .. thanks a lot
3) one of the day i plan to go Yeliu, Jiu Fen, Keelung in a day but how do i get to Yeliu ? den from wad i had read jiu fen has nice lightnings at nite while keelung is more happening at nite too. how do i plan for this day ?

my ideal plan for this day will be:
Yeliu -> JiuFen -> Keelung (Miao Kou St Market)

Directions, please read here:
and do searches in this thread

4)for Wu Fen Pu wad time do i reach there ? cuz around 6 some started to close shop already

Best is to arrive there at around 3-4pm. Most shops close around 930pm - 10pm.

1st day (Fri)

1700 arrive at CKS airport
1830 arrive at star hotel
1930 head to shilin market

2nd day (Sat)

0900 XMD
1200 Guanghua
?? not sure wad else near to go ??

You can go SYS Memorial Hall, Taipei 101, NYNY, warner village etc.
3rd day (Sun)
1000 head for Zhong hsiao dong lu
1400 Wu Fen Pu => Raohe Night Market

4th day (Mon)
1000 head to Yeliu to see the rock formation
1400 head to Jiu Fen
1800 head to Keelung

5th day (Tue)
1000 head to Beitou for hot spring
1500 head to Danshui for the food and lovers bridge
2000 head to Shilin market

6th day (Wed)
1200 checkout of hotel
1300 XMD
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