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My planned itinerary.. Thanks to all the posts in this forum...
Advices will be most welcomed..

Day1 24th July, Mon

1300hrs flight from S'pore => reach CKS Airport Terminal 1 ~1740hrs

Get the free prepaid card, Tourist pass, maps.

Freego bus to Future Star Hotel (NT 135)

Check-in Future Star Hotel

Shilin Night market (MRT to Jian Tan Buy the Easy card at the station 500NT, 100NT refundable deposit)

Day2 25th July, Tue

Long Shan temple (MRT to Long Shan)

CKS memorial hall (MRT to CKS memorial hall)

Lunch at Ding Tai Fung (MRT to Guting)

Ice monster desert (Exit, turn left into alley)

Taipei main station shopping (Buy tickets for HuaLien train NT445 per trip)


Day3 26th July, Wed

Yeliu (Kuo Kuang (02-2558 3060) Bus from the North Station of KuoKuang
Bus in Taipei Near Taipei Main Station - NT80 per head Bus 19)

Jiufen (From the bus stop opposite, take the Keelung bus. Fare is 44NT. From Keelung, take a bus to Jiu Fen. 44NT)

Kee Lung (Kee Lung Bus)

Miao Kou Street (Cross the overhead bridge, down the stairs on left and walk straight)

Stay over at Jiufen for the night scenery (九份民宿龍門客棧 yet to book)

Day4 27th July, Thu

Shifen (Bus to Ruifang, Train to Shifen)

Head back to Taipei (Train to Ruifang, change train back to Taipei main station)

Shopping at underground mall (Zhong xiao xin sheng to zhong xiao dun hua)

Desert at Tang Chao (to ZhongXiao DunHua station. Exit 4)

ShiLin night market

Day5 28th July, Fri

Breakfast at Ah Zhong mian xian

SYS merorial hall (MRT to SYS memorial hall)

Taipei City hall (Taipei 101, Warner Village, New York New York, SingKong Mitsukoshi)


Wu Fen Pu (MRT to Hou Shan Pi exit 4)

Raohe Night market (exit WuFenPu at the Songshan Railway Station Exit, cross the bridge)

Day6 29th July, Sat


Danshui (MRT To Dan Shui)

Yu Ren Ma Tou (Ferry from Danshui 40NT per trip)

Miramar Ferris wheel (MRT to Jian Tan Bus 167/ MRT to Yuangshan. Exit #1 cross road diagonally to Soccer Stadium bus stop. Take 21, Red 2 both very frequent. or 247, 287

Day7 30th July, Sun

HuaLien (Train from Taipei train station)

Stay at minsu (yet to book)

Day8 31th July, Mon

Back to Taipei in afternoon

Guess x 3 recording (730pm to 11pm MRT to Kunyang station. Then take taxi/bus22 to Zhong Shi TV Station)

Day9 1st Aug, Tue

Wulai (From the Hsintien MRT station, take a bus that goes directly to Wulai)

Gong Guan Night Market (MRT to Gong Guan exit 4)

Day10 2nd Aug, Wed

Taipei main station (last min shopping)

Ximenting (last min shopping)

Leave for airport

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