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Question Best ramen in Singapore

Personally I do not like Ajisen. The noodle is always undercooked and the chashu is dry and tasteless. They used to have rather good Golden eggs (half cooked eggs) with their Tokusen ramen but recently I found out they have reverted back to hard boiled eggs again. Currently I think their Nankotsu Ramen is the best.

I think the ramen at Gyoza no Ohsho is marginally better. Now they have golden eggs and their chashu is soft and lovely. But the soup is usually rather weak.

I have tried Noodle Shop Ken (is it still there?) but the chashu is nowhere better.

You can also get ramen in the Japanese restaurant in Meidi-ya but the few times I tried it there I wasn't impressed with the noodle or the soup.

I am planning to give the Ramen Ichiban restaurant a try one of these days. I hope it will not be a letdown.

So anyone has had great ramen in Singapore? Let's talk about where we can find the best ramen!

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