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Bro Beng hoo,

I urgently yr advise here as you are a knowledgeable rolex siao...

My Auntie is selling this watch to me at $2000/- which is ard my budget which she bought from AD for $4100 in Yr 2001 -never worn before cos it was a meant for my uncle and suan suan they got divorced not long after the purchase...

She had been keeping it ever since 2001...Confrim brand new as i had assessed the watch liao with box and warranty card...Do you think it is a good buy? and is it suitable for a guy like me (25 yrs old) I like it actually and view it as a classic watch instead, but on the other hand scad plp say" wow lau why u wear ah pek watch"? Ha...ha....

Thanks in advance!

if you dun mind no date can buy.. quite a good price... since is yr relatives you judge yrself shld you bring the watch to rolex service center to check for real or fake parts
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