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My Auntie is selling this watch to me at $2000/- which is ard my budget which she bought from AD for $4100 in Yr 2001 -never worn before cos it was a meant for my uncle and suan suan they got divorced not long after the purchase...

She had been keeping it ever since 2001...Confrim brand new as i had assessed the watch liao with box and warranty card...Do you think it is a good buy? and is it suitable for a guy like me (25 yrs old) I like it actually and view it as a classic watch instead, but on the other hand scad plp say" wow lau why u wear ah pek watch"? Ha...ha....

Thanks in advance!

my knowledge so so only lah..we just share share what we know here...and i not that siao lah..til now i only got 1 pic...

your auntie bought the watch see the watch is the older 14000 or the newer 14000M...then check the resale price of that watch (like pwn shop willing to offer how much) incase you dont like n want to sell away your can est. how much you will loss..
if is the 14000M, with box and warranty card..good condition...2k..quite worth...saving of >50%...
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