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Which airline ?
United Airlines.

Hi there...I'm also staying there... but I'll be there from 20 dec to 25 dec. They (the hotel) offered me HK750 (about S$152) nett per night for a double room except christmas night (HK850 nett). Then when I went around to source for airline and realise it will cost quite abit.

Then last sat at NATAS, I managed to get a package, flying via UA @ $816 per pax for the 6 days 5 nights.

Actually I was there at Stanford last yr and really like the location. But we were given a room with faulty heater and no bathtub. Hence before we checked out last yr, I left feedback for them. They replied via snail mail, dated the very next day and I was very impressed. Hence this year, I wrote to them saying that I'll be back (either booking the rooms directly with them or through an F&E package).

Requested for a double room with bathtub. Guess what, they offerred me a king bedded room with bathtub.... yeah....

Looking forward to my trip now....

Cheers..... approached the hotel via email? Thought my price was already a good bargain..,yours better.

The package of 816 @ Natas was F&E with accom right? How come so ex leh... Wouldnt it be better if you book separately..since you already got good lobang for your hotel stay.
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