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United Airlines. approached the hotel via email? Thought my price was already a good bargain..,yours better.

The package of 816 @ Natas was F&E with accom right? How come so ex leh... Wouldnt it be better if you book separately..since you already got good lobang for your hotel stay.
hi dekko25.... the package $816 per pax includes airfare and hotel with airport transfer...

although i was offerred the special rate from the hotel, after calculation, the hotel room charges for 5 nights comes up to about HK$3850... about S$785.... and then add the air tickets (not the budget airlines) for two, it will definitely cost more than S$1632..... anyway I thought the price is ok with me, as I paid about $700 plus per pax last yr for a 5D4N package (10 to 14 Dec)...and now I'm there during the christmas time (20 to 25 Dec)...
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