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Posts: 3,244 got taste leh..really want buy this ah..??? hand-wound leh..
price think you better check with the 1 friend last time bought 1 celline dont know what model think about 8k..
hearsay cellini re-sale value quite bad...not as good as may want take note..

HK last time cheaper than Sg..but recent saw taiwan fourm people posting since Aug they tighten the discount all model 10%...
think taiwan(can get higher discount) and japan(alot of // import stuffs) are cheaper now..
you may want check out the prices here and went you go over there you compare loh...

these what i know..correct me if im wrong....

this model is made of platinum so I guess the price should be at least 50K

I am currently based here in hk
if the price is cheaper here, then I dun go back to s'pore to buy leow
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