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Explorer I, Datejust and Air King owners, need some opinion

Personally, I like the looks of the submariner, but I need a watch to wear everyday. I figured that the sub would be a little too loud and a little heavy.

Now I am looking at either a datejust, Airking or explorer, new or preowned.

Among the 3, i like the looks of explorer best, but cannot seem to find justification for paying so much premium for an airking with different dial and needle. For Datejust, I am a bit septical of the cyclops. I have an old hand wound datejust (plastic face), scraped the watch against something, the whole cyclops become blurr. Would sapphire crystal be equally fragile? And besides, I dont like the idea of adjusting the date for month without 31st. I find nothing wrong with airking, just that I don't like to buy things bottom of the range.

Pls advise
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