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Explorer! Worn by Takuya Kimura! And it has a rich history! Understated cool. Simplicity is best.

Datejust was given to Winston Churchill after WWII. And its much older than Explorer. Its a gentleman's watch.

Submariner is a sporty watch, its not really loud. Def can wear daily. Esp if u r macho looking.

Haha it really depends on ur character lah. Are you a
1. Fashionable guy like Takuya, Rain - Explorer
2. Gentleman like Bae Yong Jun - Datejust
3. Sporty like Tiger Woods, Yao Ming - Submariner
My heart is with the explorer, but at the same time I can't come to terms with paying so much more for a Air King with luminous dial. (I don't really forsee it will come in too handy for me)
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