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I like the Explorer too. Its a celebrity endorsed watch lor. U can tell people, "u got watch Love Generation? yes, this is THE watch." Then u can buy the crystal apple from tiffany, and after work, u can place it next to the apple, on your table and admire. U can also buy the VCD and put it next to it, then when ur friends visit, u can say "u got watch love generation..." Get the drift?

Explorer is COSC, airking is not right? So it underwent rigourous testing. 15 days of testing ok. It also has a rich history, don't u want to own a piece of history? Went up Everest leh. Airking does not have an illustrious history.

And u get higher resale value also mah.

And Explorer is more prestigious mah. Airking is entry level. If u meet fellow Rolexes, and u wear a Explorer, u get more street cred.

So u really are paying for something. Most of all, Explorer will put a bigger smile on ur face. And U can say I bought it, because I can afford it. And I love it.
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