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My heart is with the explorer, but at the same time I can't come to terms with paying so much more for a Air King with luminous dial. (I don't really forsee it will come in too handy for me)
me same like you when i getting my Explorer I 2yrs ago...till now i got no regret...the 1+k extra is worth..
the diff is mor than the luminous dial...the hr/min hands are dff...the bracelet diff, Exp I with flip lock bracelet + SEL..Exp I is COSC...and the great marketing too...
Rolex marketed the Exp I very well..and the watch 56yrs old long histroy is something 'unreplaceable'...they cant simply launch a new brand/model to replace legends like Exp I or the Sub/Sub-Date...
Exp I and SD is the 2 Oyster pro models that only 1 style/ choice of dial/bracelet...and Rolex dont even 'bother' to cough out a special edition for the Exp I 50th Anniversary...think they know this model will 'sell' matter what..

if let me pick again..Explorer I, SD, Sub-date, the 'New DateJust'..these models will be in my list...
actually..the DateJust is a good choice...if you looking for a watch to accompany for many many yrs..just imaging you getting 50+..60...whcih model will look nice on you...personally i don think model like Sub, SD is nice on a ah pei...saw some at kopitim before...ah pei with Sub-Date...very sporty ah pei..

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