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i dont like the Datejust personally. So many pattern, it dilutes the character. And in S'pore, I tell u, the biggest owners of datejust are the 50 plus auntie brigade. There are many many aunties who buy steel-gold datejust when they get their half a million pension with their CSC cards eg the teachers and the nurses. They are everywhere!

When he's 50+, he can buy something uncle looking then. I say enjoy your youth, buy something your age (ie assuming pew is not an uncle hee). I regret not getting explorer, it is half the price but has twice the character compared to my steel-gold blue submariner. I'm def getting explorer coming dec when i get my bonus heehee, unless I decide to get a thick gold bracelet instead heehee. Then I will buy the crystal apple from tiffany (abt 200 bucks) and when my friends come over, I will say, "Did u watch Love Generation?" Lol
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