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Hi dekko25, i got offered from them HK900 for one double room, exclusive of tax....
I tink they still got rooms... u better check wif them directly if u r still looking for room.

To nottinghill: I rememebred seeing that u had staed wif them b4. How r their rooms? can elaborate more? Thanks... hee hee

I will be going on 14 - 19 Dec....taking jetstar.... Anyone abt the same time going there?
Hi vanquish77.... yup stayed there last yr... here's a link to see the pic gallery...

Room size wise, I would say on the small side... but it's the location that I like....right smack in the midst of ladies st market... ;-)

HK900?? exclude tax?? wow that's a bit steep... for my stay period, I was offerred HK750 nett except christmas eve - HK850 nett..... but may be because I'm their returning guest... and I liaised with them in advance.... If you like, maybe you can write directly to Ms Daisy Wong, tell them, Clarence Foo recommend one... see if they can give better price?

I'll be back there on 20 dec to 25 dec...... only thing is their lift is a bit slow...heheh can take a short nap while waiting for it...
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