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Thanks Emergency! =)

Finally started to plan my itinerary, leaving nxt Monday and I've yet to receive my maps, brochure etc..sighs..

Some questions..

1. 24hr Eslite bookstore at Dun Hua South Road. Is this near Zhong Xiao Dun Hua? Planning to go down to both Dun Hua East and South Road.

2. What time does the 'Kuan Hua' Computer place open for business?

3. 'Tien Xiang Hui Wei' (Manchurian style Hotpot) and 'Xi Duo Wu' Buffet..Anyone knows where this is?

4. How do I get here for the Taiyang bing? Sorry, I can't make out the directions stated in Chinese.

5. Lastly for now, =x Issit possible to exchange 2000SGD all in one go at the money-changer? Gotta start looking for one with good rates soon. Btw, heard that the exchange rate is quite good at CKS airport.

1. Ya u can alight at the Zhong Xiao Dun Hwa MRT station.

2. U can go after 11am. The shops will be opened mostly. If u r scared or uncertain then go after 2pm which I am very sure all shops are opened by that time.

3.That I am not sure. I think nuttyyanz will be able to ans u

4.U can take the Danshui line mrt station. Exit no 2 then follow straight the map at then u will reach already. If u get lost at that time, u can ask the people ard as Taiwanese people are very frdly.

5.For 5D/4N, Change 1000 SGD is more than enough as I done that for all my shopping and expenses etc. If u are scared, u can change 100 or 200 more extra first then pay by debit card. I found out that I pay by debit card, the exchange rate is very good too and no extra charges as well
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