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Thankew~~~ I'll go apply for debit card on the morning of departure..hopefully i'll get it on the spot! 2000SGD is for I'm feeling that it might not be enough. I assume debit card can be used in all shopping malls? If so, that'll be great! Best if it can be used at all DFS as well..So far I've always only used cash.

What time shld i leave Rainbow hotel on a weekday if my departure is 5.40pm? Is 2pm too late? I'll be taking a cab to Taipei Main station then swtich to Guo Guang Ke Yun else direct cab to airport if there're too many luggage.
I am afraid u can get debit card on the spot if u apply as it takes 1 to 2 weeks to get it normally. Unless u can try UOB mini debit like mine I got it less than a week. 2000 SGD for 2 shld be more than enough if not for heavy shoppers. Debit cards could be used at shopping malls and DFS as well dun worry.

U could get a freego bus to arrive at 3 pm if u returnin back to SG. Cause at the flight back is 6.25 pm for Jetstar and 1 hour to reach the airport and check in etc. Dun worry u can find other singaporeans along on the way checkin in too
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