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well, unless there is a new testing programme with tighter specs, there is no way of knowing which movement is the most the very least, cosc is the current specs of -4/+6 secs per day good enuff? perhaps it is....most ppl that buy a swiss mechanical watch probably dun give a damn anyway......if they want anything more accurate, then a quartz watch is a better choice...

other manufactures can claim how good their own QC me that is akin to blowing their own trumpet.....the specs could be super duper tight......but there is no independent the end of the day, brand A can claim their engine makes 250 hp but until someone dynos the engine and reveals the actual performance chart, it is still a manufacturer claimed 250 hp....

haha ultimately we can all argue until the cows come home......but the fact remains that rolex makes good quality watches that r pretty accurate at slightly unreasonable prices....
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