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Edited Itinerary..

How long does each journey take cos I thought of visiting another night market on the same day
Calculate an hour for each sector- travelling time, except when you go toJioufen, then maybe hour n half .

Sure, you can go to YMS from bus stop outside East Exit 3. No: 260. You can also take the same bus from Ximen MRT Station Bus Stop:Thereis a board there with many bus numbers, look for 260 - Takes one hour to get up there. Dont skip, it leave early and get the early bus -First Bus starts from 5.45 am.

From Warner Village bus stop (Definitely at the Taipei City Hall MRT Station Bus Stop ) , you can take bus 266 to Beitou directly, then take a short MRT ride to Danshui.

Xi Duo Wu 12th floor Ming Yao Shopping Center: MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua : Exit 3 ( This place was recommended by a forumer here at HWZ and many Singaporeans have since been there and loved it)

Tien Xiang Hui Wei Pot
16, Nanjing East Road, 2F
(02) 2511-7275;
Hours: 11:30 pm-2 am
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