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hi all, this is really a great forum for those going taiwan!

i'm thinking of going taiwan this dec... have some queries...

1. i'm thinking of going by jetstar. how do you guys find the plane? is the leg space bearable? will is be very cramp for the 4hrs journey?

2. i seen the iteneries of some ppl here... they seem to go to taipei then go to quite far places... is it convenient to travel round? or shud i just stick to city area? cos i'm thinking of going yangming shan, hot springs, taipei101, the ferris wheel, CKS memorial, nite markets etc...

3. any websites which are good n informative and have maps of taiwan?

4. between One Star and Rainbow, which one u feel is better? eg, the room decor, location, overall feel of the room... cos at the end of the day just hope to relax n have a gd rest in somewhere comfortable n not a place tats dirty...

no1,the leg sqace still ok if u r not too tall
no2,ur iteneries depend on wat ur interest,some gamers may prefer spend more time looking at games or pc hardware,while others may like to go sight seeing all places
no3,i cant help u,coz i stayed there be4,so websites im not familiar,mayb other can help
n04, i stayed rainbow once but the room is quite small,Ta shun and jn cai shen room veri big
imptly,there r also veri near to XMD
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