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Hi all!!! Returned from TW few days ago, weather was avg 24C, very cold imo. There's no need to switch on the airconditioner during sleep.

Skipped lotsa places there as I only recovered frm a fever on the 3rd day..=(

Stayed in Rainbow Hotel, as we usually leave the hotel earliest at noon, we get to spend some time at XMD. Most of the time, we travelled ard via cab.

I simply love the 7-11 oulets with their variety of drinks and cup noodles supper everynight..

Hmm..Went down to Shilin 3 times for dinner and shopping. Realise there're lotsa Nike shops there, wonder if they are authentic. Went Jiufen to get the taiyang bing and feng li su, it's really nice up there..Journey from taipei kinda long though. Miaokou's food is yummylicious~!

We lost our way countless time while trying to take the train and from Shinkong Mitsu we took bus no. 266 which is supposed to reach Beitou but after an hr's ride, the driver said we're to get off and wait for another no.266. weird..eventually we took a cab down to Yu Ren Ma Tou and we're just in time for the sunset! Sooo pretty!

Didn't buy much clothes there, instead spent all on food, skincare, and games like the 'toy-picking' and 'egg-turning' machine..really addictive..hehe

Lastly, I should have spent time brushing up my Chinese language before the trip. Many a times even the directions given by passbys or instructions on certain pdts got me confused.. =\ *frustrating*
it ok,their roads sometimes can get u to holland wan
and their chinese is the trad one,sgians dun really can understand unless ur chinese is quite good
got 1 X,a taxi driver also say my chinese is above ave only
so u enjoyed ur trip,
next X go there try not to take bus,their bus route veri diff from us
should take mrt,since u r i taipei,more easy
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