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Need some advise here:

Budget is $5000


Black face 94 Datejust w18k white gold bezel and SS jubilee bracelet $3900
White face 96 Datejust w 18k whitegold bezel and SS jubilee bracelet $4300
White face 96 Explorer II $4800
Black face 96 Explorer II $4800
Brand New Airking for slightly more than 4K (from AD)
Brand new black face Explorer II (parallel import) $5700 (But it's a D 2005 april batch)
Brand new SS sub date (Parallel import) $6300 (Z 2006 May batch)

Which one would you go for?

Don't mind explorer I, but did not come across any
bro u mentioned sub date 6.3k for parallel imports har.

not beri cheeps from the local stocks pricings.
u prob safes only 500
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