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hi, i heard much about "WuFenPu" in this thread, seems that there's lots of clothes and accessories to get from there. after reading the first 30 odd pages, im still in doubt as to how to get there. Can anyhow help me on this ? Going to taiwan end of this month! so excited!
I bought some ladies berms for my relatives at WufenPu and it ain't cheap at all..approximately 40SGD each...and guess what...the dye all came off on 1st wash back in SG..following that, my mum's skin became so 'blue'..Haha..

As for myself, shopped for lotsa bags there. Average cost abt 35SGD each..managed to grab some new arrivals which looks so like Bloodbros and i simply love the material and design!

The Youth program thingy, I filled up a form at the tourism counter at CKS airport, they gave me a booklet and bookmark...can get some discounts at listed places..not bad

waltzjy: Some adidas jackets are worth buying but Nike apparels on the whole are more costly. Purchased several pairs of Nike dunks from authorised dealers at Shilin night market. Check out their autumn series..!

Mainly did my shopping for clothes, accessories and 'cutecute' toys at Shilin and XMD..If u have a gal fren tagging along, can recommend Mei Hua Tai, near Wonstar hotel..I spent like 6000TWD there on my last day....Lotsa lotsa cosmetics and skincare pdts. xD Also recommend Cosmed!!

How i miss Taiwan..sighs..
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