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sun moon lake is @ nan tou county(central taiwan)
i suggest u list down where u 1 2 go 1st.
then from there we do up the itinernary..this will b more easy..
can look 4 me @
The list of places i hope to cover. will be there wed-to next wed. Do add places that are not listed that u recommend!

Shilin Night Market

Dan Shui

Yu Ren Ma Tou

Ximending (Sunday)

Ding Tai Feng (Sunday)

Miramar Ferris Wheel

Shifen Water falls

Hualien taroko gorge

Hualien Minsu (Shi Tou De Jia)


Guess 3X

Yang Ming Shan

Xin Bei Tou Hotspring

Taipei 101

Taichung (to airport, fly home?)

Jiufen (keelung miaokou night market)

New York New York


Ching Qing farm

My plan is like that.

Airport--> Taipei (overnight) --> hualien (~ 2 days)

--> Back in Taipei (for weekend) --> Guess (on monday if there is one) ---> Sun moon lake ( early Tue) --> Taichung (late Tue) --> Airport

Sounds like mission impossible. Any ideas to pack them? What iternacy u recommend that fill most of the places nice nice?
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