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Hi everyone !

took me many weeks to to read finish from page 1 to the latest page haha
but very grateful for everyone contribution hehe
managed to gather alot of info for my coming trip !

But still have a few qns ... can help ?

1)Can anyone plz advise me what the weather will be like in late Jan for Taipei ? Goin on the 25th of Jan .. my wife scared of cold hehe

2)Im a bit confused abt the Airports .. if i fly by ChinaAirline/Eva/Jetstar .. i will be arriving at which Taipei airport ?

3)Planning my itinerary is a headache.. so many places to go but only 5 days in Taipei .. so need Senior members to help me check if planning these few places together on each day is the correct order of movement hehe

DAY 1) Taipei Stn Underground Mall > Guang Hua Shang Chang > Wu Fen Pu > Raohe

DAY 2) Yeliu > Jiufen > Keelung > Miaokow

DAY 3) Beitou > Danshui > YuRenMaTou > Lover's Bridge > Shilin

DAY 4) CKS Memorial > Ximending > Miramar > Shilin/Wufenpu again

DAY 5) 101 > Ximending > Airport

Tian Mu shd insert on which day ?

Warner Village is a shopping place , insert in which day best??
Shopping or food at these few places ?
Zhong Hsiao Dong Lu..... Zhong Hsiao FuXing .... Zhong Hsiao Dun Hua......

Thank you very much !
1)10 to 10 deg(unless u cold front)
2)u will arrive at Taiwan Taoyuan international airport(ex CKS airport)
3)A tour in taiwan in 5 days is quite rush,if possible change to 7days tour..
As for the itinerary,u can a look @
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