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stay next to 101, building lighting changes color daily... took a couple pictures from room.

day 1 ( 4dec mon ), in taipei,
day 2, friend drive us to yilan, lots of hotspring & visit a cultural park thn back taipei.
day 3, drive south, to changhua ( visit relative at kampong ), stay taichung.
day 4, drive up north from taichung, stop at Sanyi <wood craving > ( miaoli ), Dahu <Strawberry Farm> (miaoli), seaside (Hsinchu) and city for dinner, than to taipei.
day 5, friend drive us to Bali ( taipei County ). Friend house very very nice house on top of hill, damn good view of danshui.
day 6, bck sg.

will be visiting relatives again next yr, will self drive, taiwan traffic not too bad, major Highway good. manage to get hold of a few taiwan road maps to prepare myself for my next trip.

family had some shopping, went to a few night market at taichung/ taipei. dont really like to shop, except S$70 worth of road maps...

if you guys need to find some kampong place, i will help flip thru maps for u...

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