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Hello guys,

I will be going to Taipei on 30th Dec to spend my NY there...

Just some qns:

1) Is there any temples that is a most-go? I wish to visit one or two but dunno which one is worth going

2) I understand now Taipei is in rainy season and i really helpless abt it. With this kind of weather, can we go YMS? And wat cna we do in this kind of weather? I am planning a wet weather iternary now...

3) I will also be photographing stuff here and there with my DSLR. So wwhere is the best place to capture the fireworks or fireworks @ Taipei 101?

4) I am a first time traveller. My friend whom is working @ a travel agency booked EVA Air for me...but it seems to be a e-tik as i only received a receipt and some documents. So how do i check in properly?

5) Hot springs : Do I have to make advance bookings , like a day or 2 before i plan to go there? And any hot spring recommanded for couples and near YMS?



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