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Hello guys,

I will be going to Taipei on 30th Dec to spend my NY there...

Just some qns:

1) Is there any temples that is a most-go? I wish to visit one or two but dunno which one is worth going
Try Long Shan Si. Cat 2 historical site. Quite nice. My frens kinda like it. We went there on our last day since we were bored of shopping around.

2) I understand now Taipei is in rainy season and i really helpless abt it. With this kind of weather, can we go YMS? And wat cna we do in this kind of weather? I am planning a wet weather iternary now...
It would be troublesome to go ANYWHERE in this kind of weather. You can go YMS but aviod sites where you need to climb too much cos it would be slippery and you definitely wldnt want to be climbing the mountain and carrying an umbrella at the same time. Damn shag. My advice: Skip Meng Huan Pond. Xiao You Keng is nice.

3) I will also be photographing stuff here and there with my DSLR. So wwhere is the best place to capture the fireworks or fireworks @ Taipei 101?
No idea. Need advice frm the seniors here.

4) I am a first time traveller. My friend whom is working @ a travel agency booked EVA Air for me...but it seems to be a e-tik as i only received a receipt and some documents. So how do i check in properly?
No idea. Mine was jetstar. e-ticket printed from the net. no problem checking in at the airport.


Hope my advice helps though. One-cent worth.

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