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okie... need a little help here on the itenary of my trip to taipei it will be a 7 day FnE trip.. we are traveling in a grp of 4 from 26th dec to 1st jan

here goes,

Day 1 Tuesday 26th Dec
Morning Flight, reaching about 1pm
Late afternoon, after checking in, walk around XMD
Night, Shilin NM

Day 2 Wednesday 27th Dec
Morning, buy tickets to Hualian for Day 3... Then proceed to Yeliu
Noon, Move to RuiFang for JuiFen.. here comes a small problem... i still can really figure out which place to visit first shld i go to shifen?? as i read thur here, i notice ppl mention that trains going in and out of shifen is infrequent... therefore is it better to do without shifen??

With Shifen i am hopping to be something like this, RuiFang --> Shifen --> RuiFang --> JianGuaShi --> JiuFen --> RuiFang
Without Shifen i am hopping to be something like this, RuiFang --> JinGuaShi --> JiuFen --> RuiFang

Then Night time, KeeLong, MiaoKou Seafood Stalls....

Day 3, Thursday 28th Dec
Hua Lian, am thinking of contacting Ms Vivian Zheng that lots of forumers recommanded here, do you all think it is abit later to contact her now? As i will be going there for only 1 day, what are some places to recommand? i am looking at the taroko george and Qi Xin Tan...
Do you all think we can fit in any NM here???

Day 4, Friday 29th Dec
Morning, YMS
Early Noon, Beitou Hot spring
Late Noon, DanShui, Lovers Bridge,
Night, Mirama Ferris Wheel ShiLin NM

Day 5, Saturday 30th Dec
Morning, about 9am like this DingTaiFung, most prob skipping lunch..
Noon, Guang Hua (computer stuff and comics) followed by TianMu and WuFenPu (is it possible to cover this 2 places b4 going to the NM??? can i reconfirm that TianMu sells warehouse rejects of branded stuffs and sort.. and what will be the recommanded time to visit WuFenPu on a sat? i see most ppl here visit them on weekdays as opps to wkends..)
Night, Raohe NM

Day 6, Sunday 31st Dec (NY Eve)
Morning, slack around i guess, any other place to fit in here?
Late Morning ~ Early Noon, Shoe Street (my understanding is that it is at YuanLing Rd which i believe is near TMS, anyway are they similar to that of hongkong's show street??)
Noon, Zhong Xiao Area i will suppose this will be where all the shopping centers comes in... like NYNY, Warner, SOGO and sort i guess) but slightly b4 reaching zhong xiao area, i rmb reading somewhere that there is an undergrd shopping center @ TMS, is it better to go there b4 heading to ZhongXiao Area??
Maybe will head up into taipei 101 (if it is not too croweded noting that there will be a event going on there for the countdown) mingle ard that area for the countdown to NY.... which i guess will take us thur the night...
ok i am grping TMS and the 3 ZhongXiao MRT together here, are they all within walking distance say from 1 shopping center to other... and are there any recommanded shopping centers that we should take note and will they be open???

Day 7, Monday 1st Jan
The flight back is at 1800, therefore what will be a good time to leave for the airport??
anyway i dunno what to plan for this day, as my concern will be are the shops open? it is new year day... and most prob by the time we wake up shld be ard noon or checkout time whichever is eariler...
any place did i miss out??

anyway thanks in advance for anyone that is going to help me vet thur my itenary first... and help will be greatly appreciated many thanks again
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