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Generally, if u visit earthquake prone countries like taiwan / japan etc, just be prepared to experience earthquakes. in these countries, the danger of earthquakes is not so much of buildings collapsing as most of their tall buildings are designed to shake wif the quake.
(PS, unless u super suay like me, experience a once in a century super quake)

wht u shd watch out for is falling objects in ur room. my frens tv set all fell off the table top as well as the photo frames in hotel rooms. quakes can last from seconds to minutes. when a quake hits & u're awake, hide under something & dun stay near windows as they can shatter. documentary taught me tht hiding under table is not the best idea. look for triangular structures to hide under (according to experts). but i think this is assuming the building collapses which if u stay in a decent hotel, not likely to happen.

after a big quake, go outside the building into open ground. usually there will be after quakes. the bad thing abt quakes is usually after a bad one, electricity & water supply is affected. so be careful of hygiene esp. if buying food from the streets.

otherwise, dun worry too much about earthquakes, u get them a lot in countries like above.

V good post!

I believe this peace out a lot of worrying hearts here.....
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