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hi systeo,

I juz called SMa today about the BCom from Murdoch. As a non-biz poly grad, they asked me to attend a bridging program for 8 modules. Wonder if you attended it before?

The time table quite stress, 3days complete 1 module then next wed take exam liao! Wonder how the passing rate is like for people without biz background & if is even possible to even learn enuff to latter go onto their 2nd & 3rd Yr with such weak concepts and understandings of biz

They also ask me to pay $500 before 31 Jan first to lock into the current degree course fee that will increase in 1 feb, dun knoe if its jus another $$$ making scheme to make me study with them or its realli true to help me save $? Wait come 1Feb course fee still same, then I pay $500 for nothing.

Some more must confirm march to start bridging course, 100% payback only if I withdraw before 60day course start, thats 2 mths, now to march also 2mths, looks like if i pay them i definitely must study with them or else $500 forfitted.

With all this issues unanswered, i feel so unsecured to start any program with them. Dun understand y got refer fren to make $, which established school like SIM, PSB or MDIS does that???
All looks like consultants and students making $ for and from SMa.

bro no worries sweat.i just completed 3/6 modules lolz.why you got 8 sia??!!
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