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Hi all.

I am also seriously considering the Bachelor Of Mass Comm from Murdoch. It is either that or Uni of Newcastle via PSB Academy whose 7 bridging units are spread out evenly over 9 months. However, it is the extremely tight schedule of Murdoch's 6 bridging modules that is holding me back. Imagine, 3 lessons followed by a written exam each week for 1.5 months. *Shudder*
Anyone currently doing the "intensive" bridging course or have completed it got any words of advice? Much appreciated.
Hey! I am going to start Bach of Mass Comm from Murdoch soon! Ya, like what you said the bridging modules are almost one after another. I feel a bit apprehensive but trying not to stress myself even before I start. Somemore all this is on top of my busy work. Hmmm, let me get back to you next month how I'm coping, lol.

Oh and I did consider the Uni of Newcastle before, but I have the impression that uni is good for its engineering courses? So decided to take Murdoch instead cuz I've a few friends who actually study in Aussie there and said it's good.

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