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Hi all.

I am also seriously considering the Bachelor Of Mass Comm from Murdoch. It is either that or Uni of Newcastle via PSB Academy whose 7 bridging units are spread out evenly over 9 months. However, it is the extremely tight schedule of Murdoch's 6 bridging modules that is holding me back. Imagine, 3 lessons followed by a written exam each week for 1.5 months. *Shudder*
Anyone currently doing the "intensive" bridging course or have completed it got any words of advice? Much appreciated.
I have to agree. 9mths seems abit more relax and much more fruitfull in the learning process.

even if lets say you manage to just pass 50/100 for all bridging papers just to move onto the 2nd yr, did what u learn realli sink into ur head?

did the lecturers cut short their modules and ignore the so call "less important areas" can concentrate on the "exam tips instead" jus so that you can pay for the more expensive modules in 2nd & 3rd yr?

clearing the bridging programe is like passing the uni entrance test with a $3000 fee incorporated. but does that mean u r ready for the 2nd yr after 1.5mths of intensive crash course? i guess it up to individual ability and their prior education background.

TRY ASKING AN ACCOUNTANT TO TAKE A LAYWER'S BAR EXAM after 1.5mths of crash course. They are both professionals and smart people and accounting got biz law but is it enuff to even consider as prior understanding??? its a totally new level guys.

then again, think of the time you can save 1.5mth vs 9mths. but will you survive the harder 2nd and 3rd yr and do you wish to remain passing 50/100 for all papers?

Bridging program is a entrance test to prove your learning ability and understanding of the particular degree you r to take on. it is also the very FOUNDATION that you will need to transit from your previously trainned areas like IT, ENG, DESIGN etc.

I dun mind passing the foudation with ease, but will it come back to haunt me when i am require to take class and exam on more indept modules in economics? having just passed and attended 35% of the class during bridging.

People with stronger foundation in biz from either poly or private dip will have it easy and keep answering the lecturer's questions & quizzes everytime in class while you have to keep copying down their answers on board and go home to digest other people's concept and understanding.

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